Project management

Use Case

«Project Management»

With the flexibility and adaptability of project-specific modules, PRIMADOCA enables you to optimally plan, monitor and successfully complete your projects.

By using project-specific modules, users: inside can adapt the platform to the specific requirements of their projects. Each module offers specific functions and tools to facilitate and optimise project management.

For example, users can use the ToDo Management module to organise work efficiently and keep track of progress. Resource management can be facilitated via the Time Tracking module. It ensures that the right resources are scheduled at the right place at the right time.

In addition, the Project Portfolio module allows you to manage budget control and cost management, i.e. monitor expenditure, track costs and promote budget compliance. In the document management system, relevant project documents can be archived centrally so that all project participants can access them at any time.

PRIMADOCA and the project-specific modules it contains enable users to manage their projects efficiently and in a targeted manner. The platform can be adapted to the specific requirements of each project. This improves cooperation, minimises bottlenecks and successfully achieves project goals.

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